I believe the government should fund people who are interested and involved in the arts.  That shouldn't be taken out of our tax dollars.  I think that if they are legit about their interest in the arts, they should be allowed the equal financial aid as anything else would.  At the same time I don't agree that the government or taxpayers should be forced to support the music or visual arts.  It should be an option.  People have to pay taxes for everything else already, even things they aren't supportive of them.
              In perspective one I partially agree.  They are already involved in many areas of funding and they choose who it goes to.  The government is the one who decided what to tax and how much.  They may not decide when certain groups get funding.
              In perspective two I agree that government funding is a big contributor for the arts.  I do not believe that it is essential.  Government funding has not always been around and there are many man made works of art that are famous.  There are many other things the funds could go to like homeless shelters or other important places they could use the money to help people.  The money for the arts is not very essential.
              I completely agree with perspective three because it's true that if your work isn't very good that people won't buy it.  That is just how it is and you don't need to give thousands of dollars to fund some artists who really aren't that good.  Famous artists from long ago who are famous today became famous by having good skills, not by the funding from the government.