Progression Through the Years
              As time progresses we as people have become so dependent on our technology
              and machines that we rely on them to do the simplest things for us.  You will most likely
              use some type of technology or machines everyday of your life.  You will use a phone,
              computer, automated machines in town, you may even have machines at home.  
              When dealing with others we have very little tolerance and respect.  When on the
              phone with a business or doctor's office we rarely talk to an actual person, it is normally
              just a recording telling you your information.  If we're not talking on the phone we are
              usually texting or on social media.  Many times we just stay at home and shop, work,
              and other things online instead of actually getting out of the house and interacting with
              others.  During these times parents are not teaching their children good skills to use
              with others.  
              Machines are good at low-skill repetitive jobs and also high-speed precise jobs.  
              This makes it easier and faster for people to get the products they need for living.  
              There is also more time for people to spend with their families since they aren't working
              extensive hours in factories.  The downside to this is this puts several people out of a
              job and the machines may not be very accurate.  Things used to be made more durable
              than they are now.  This could be because people rely on machines to do work for them
              because it's easier and so they don't have to deal with it.  For example, L.L. Bean merchandise is hand-made in the United States.  Everything they make is durable and
              last forever.  Many other brands have their stuff shipped in from other countries and
              their stuff wouldn't last as long because they rely on machines more just to mass
              produce things.
              Machines are not always a bad thing.  They get things done fast and efficiently.  
         That doesn't mean we should fire all the workers and replace them with machines.  
         There are some jobs machines are better at and then there are some jobs that humans
         are better at.  It is good to have a balance of this because if they work together
         everything will be good.  For example, if a machine breaks you would need a human to
         fix it, you couldn't just have another machine fix it.  Kids and teens nowadays are
         lacking the basic trade skills they should know.
         Therefore, machines can be good and machines can be bad.  We shouldn't have
              to rely on them so much to live everyday lives but we can use them for assistance.