The Crucible         By:  Arthur MillerThe Crucible is a Dramatic play written by Arthur Miller in the early nine teen fifties,depicting the Salem witch trials and the hysteria that surrounded them.  The story takes place in Salem Massachusetts in the late seventeen hundreds.  The story depicts a small puritan village and the witch hysteria that is mainly created by some little girls.  Arthur Miller never tells the reader why the girls start the hysteria but when u read it you get the feeling that its a game that has escalated and is uncontrollable.  The main incident that begins the hysteria is when Betty Parris daughter to Reverend Parris goes into a mysterious comma.  None of the village doctors can seem to find the cause of the comma, when Reverend Parris questions Betty?s friend Abigail Williams of her mysterious illness Abigail confesses to him that they were dancing in the woods with a slave from Barbados name Tituba. One thing leads to another and words gets around the village and automatically people start to accuse each other of being a witch.The author does not clearly state the theme of the play, I believe for one main reason.  The author wants to let his reader think about the story and think about what it means to him/her.  So I believe that the main theme of the book is that a person should not be persecuted for there beliefs no matter what they are or who they worship.  This theme can be adapted to fit many situations and can be seen in many events in history.  Even though this story took place in the 17th century it still pertains to matters in the 20th century.  Even today you will still see people being persecuted because of their beliefs of ideals.  I believe that a story like this is universal because until people learn to live with each other and each others beliefs stories like this will always have meaning.The main character of The Crucible in my opinion is Abigail Williams. Abigail William?s is the Proctors servant and also is Reverend Parrises niece.  Abigail is involved in the main event leading to the hysteria and she is the unsaid ring leader of the hysteria.  Abigail changes from a shy and quiet girl to an emotionally disturbed girl who is in the middle of the witch hysteria.  It seems that Abigail controls the other girls who are said to be involved in the events.  The other girls seem to follow whatever Abigail does as seen in the court when Abigail says she sees a bird in the rafters of the court house and instantly another one of the girls is scared that the bird is trying to get her.  In my opinion Abigail Williams is one of the most important parts of  the plot.The Crucible is in the style of play and is pretty easy to read.  The vocabulary that is used is for the most part fairly easy, and the sentences are also fairly easy.  The most challenging part of reading The Crucible is how the author Arthur Miller uses the language from the seventeenth century.  But for the most part the story is pretty interesting and easy to read.  I personally would probably not be to quick to read another book written by Arthur Miller only because I find books about history boring.  I personally got mostly entertainment from the book but, at some times i found it interesting and after reading it I got a better understanding of the witch trials and the hysteria that surrounded them.