Zavier Bacote
         CJC 111
         Dr.Pia Duncan
         22 January 2018
         Reflection Paper
              The crime control and due process model are two models that were written by a man named Herbert Packer      in 1964, he wrote      the models to explain      the criminal justice system.
              The crime control model is an approach to crime that helps mainly society from criminals that commit a very harsh crime. This model also speeds up the      court process and the sentencing. The crime control model is a good system sometimes when trying to put horrible criminals of the street where they can't harm anyone anymore, but like everything the system has flaws. The crime control system could put low crime individuals in prison, and it is causing jails to be overpopulated with criminals and that can cause many problems with sending criminals to non-packed prisons.
              The due process model      in another model      but this model helps the criminals instead      of helping to society with criminal issues. This model follows a tenet that defendants are innocent until proven guilty. This model also uses ways to rehabilitate offenders instead of sentencing them or punishing them. This model helps criminals go back in society to help them function. The due process model has many obstacles in it, one is not sentencing the criminals that need to be punished and it causes many people to disagree and protest.
              I would follow the crime control model because yes it has many flaws it sentence some of the prisoners that need to be punished and I would rather that happen then wrongful sentencing. The U.S doesn't follow such      models,      they aren't represented      by      a      all-encompassing institution.