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What is a Reflective Essay

Reflective essays are those kinds of essays that seem oh so clean, and but oh so difficult to write, all on the equal time. to place it certainly, reflective essays constitute a essential examination of a lifestyles revel in and with the proper steering, they aren’t very tough to prepare. A reflective essay is corresponding to a diary access, besides that others can be reading it so it needs to have a super deal of coherence and a good structure. In that regard, a reflective essay is much like another essay available.

In this guide, we discover in detail how to write a notable reflective essay, consisting of what makes a terrific shape and a few recommendation on the writing process. We’ve even thrown in an instance reflective essay to encourage you too, making this the ultimate manual for all of us wanting reflective essay help.

The format

In a reflective essay, a creator normally examines his or her lifestyles studies, hence the time period ‘reflective’. The reason of writing a reflective essay is to provide a platform for the writer to now not most effective recount a particular existence revel in, but to additionally explore how she or he has changed or discovered from the ones experiences. Reflective writing can be offered in numerous formats, however you’ll most customarily see it in a learning log format or diary entry. Diary entries in particular are used to carry how the writer’s thoughts have developed and developed over the route of a particular duration.

The layout of a reflective essay may additionally alternate depending at the target audience. Reflective essays can be educational, or might also feature extra widely as part of a popular piece of writing for a mag, for example. for class assignments, while the presentation format can range, the cause generally remains the same: tutors goal to encourage students to assume deeply and significantly about a specific gaining knowledge of experience or set of stories. right here are a few normal examples of reflective essay formats that you may need to write:

A focal point on non-public growth:

A type of reflective essay regularly utilized by tutors as a method for helping students to discover ways to examine their non-public lifestyles stories to sell emotional growth and development. The essay gives the student a higher knowledge of each themselves and their behaviours.

A focal point on the literature:

This kind of essay calls for college students to provide a summary of the literature, and then it's miles applied to the student’s personal lifestyles reports.

At the same time as the format of a reflective piece of writing can also change, there's one element as a way to basically continue to be the identical, and this is the structure. you may be relieved to recognize that, much like any essay, a reflective essay is commonly constituted of an creation, body and conclusion.

What do I write about?

As you cross about selecting the content of your essay, you need to remember the fact that a reflective essay is fairly non-public and geared toward engaging the reader or target market. And there’s tons extra to a reflective essay than simply recounting a tale. You need if you want to replicate (more in this later) for your revel in via displaying how it inspired your next behaviours and the way your existence has been particularly changed as a end result.

As a place to begin, you might want to think about some critical reviews to your life that have sincerely impacted you, either undoubtedly, negatively, or both. a few regular mirrored image essay topics encompass: a actual-existence revel in, an imagined revel in, a unique item or location, someone who had a power on you, or some thing you have got watched or examine. in case you are writing a reflective essay as part of an educational exercising, probabilities are your educate will ask you to attention on a particular episode – including a time when you needed to make an crucial selection – and reflect on what the consequences were. observe also, that the aftermath of the revel in is mainly important in a reflective essay; leave out this out and you will absolutely be storytelling.


It sounds obvious, but the reflective procedure bureaucracy the center of writing this form of essay, so it’s critical you get it right from the outset. You want to truly reflect onconsideration on how the private revel in you have got selected to focus on impacted or changed you. Use your reminiscences and feelings of the revel in to decide the results for you on a personal stage.

Once you’ve selected the subject of your essay, it’s honestly essential you have a look at it thoroughly and spend a variety of time seeking to consider it vividly. Write down the entirety you can keep in mind approximately it, describing it as definitely and absolutely as you could. keep your five senses in mind as you try this, and make certain to apply adjectives to describe your experience. At this level, you may absolutely make notes the usage of short terms, but you need to ensure which you’re recording your responses, perceptions, and your experience of the event(s).

Once you’ve correctly emptied the contents of your memory, you want to start reflecting. A high-quality way to do that is to choose out some mirrored image questions to be able to help you think deeper approximately the impact and lasting effects of your enjoy. right here are some beneficial questions that you could consider:

  • What have you ever learned about your self due to the enjoy?
  • Have you ever evolved because of it? How?
  • Did it have any superb or bad bearing to your lifestyles?
  • Searching lower back, what would you have finished differently?
  • Why do you think you made the precise choices that you did? Do you think those had been the right picks?
  • What are your thoughts at the enjoy in fashionable? changed into it a useful studying revel in? What precise skills or perspectives did you acquire as a result?

Those signpost questions ought to help kick-start your reflective technique. recall, asking yourself lots of questions is prime to making sure which you suppose deeply and seriously approximately your experiences – a ability this is on the heart of writing a fantastic reflective essay.

Keep in mind the usage of models of mirrored image before, during, and after the getting to know technique to ensure that you hold a excessive widespread of evaluation. as an instance, before you clearly get caught into the manner, keep in mind questions which includes: what might occur (concerning the enjoy)? Are there any feasible demanding situations to hold in thoughts? What know-how is needed to be fine prepared to technique the revel in? Then, as you’re planning and writing, those questions may be useful: what's occurring inside the getting to know procedure? Is the method running out as anticipated? Am I coping with the accompanying challenges efficiently? Is there some thing that needs to be carried out moreover to make certain that the getting to know manner is a success? What am I mastering from this? with the aid of adopting one of these framework, you’ll be ensuring which you are keeping tabs on the reflective technique that should underpin your paintings.

The plan

Here’s a very useful tip: although you can experience nicely organized with all that point spent reflecting to your arsenal, do not, do not start writing your essay until you've got labored out a comprehensive, well-rounded plan! Your writing may be so much more coherent, your thoughts conveyed with structure and readability, and your essay will probable gain higher marks. this is an particularly vital step while you’re tackling a reflective essay – there can be an inclination for humans to get a touch ‘misplaced’ or disorganised as they recount their lifestyles experiences in an erratic and often unsystematic manner. however if you develop a radical outline (this is the same as a ‘plan’) and make certain you persist with it like Christopher Columbus to a map, you ought to do simply best as you embark at the last step of writing your essay. in case you want further convincing on how essential planning is, we’ve summarised the important thing blessings of creating a detailed essay outline beneath:

  • An define lets in you to establish the simple info which you plan to incorporate into your paper – that is first-rate for helping you pick out out any superfluous statistics, which may be eliminated totally to make your essay succinct and to the factor.
  • Think about the outline as a map – you intend in advance the factors you want to navigate via and speak in your writing. Your paintings will much more likely have a clear via line of concept, making it easier for the reader to recognize. It’ll also assist you avoid lacking out any key statistics, and having to head returned at the cease and try to suit it in.
  • It’s a real time-saver! because the outline basically serves as the essay’s ‘skeleton’, you’ll keep a great quantity of time while writing as you’ll be truely familiar with what you want to say. As such, you’ll be able to allocate greater time to modifying the paper and making sure it’s of a high standard.

Now you’re familiar with the benefits of the use of an define in your reflective essay, it's miles essential that you recognise how to craft one. it may be drastically exceptional from other typical essay outlines, in the main because of the varying topics. however what remains the equal, is that you want to begin your outline by means of drafting the introduction, body and conclusion. extra on this beneath.


As is the case with all essays, your reflective essay need to start inside an advent that includes both a hook and a thesis statement. The point of getting a ‘hook’ is to grab the attention of your audience or reader from the very beginning. You ought to painting the thrilling elements of your story in the preliminary paragraph so you stand the pleasant probabilities of keeping your reader’s interest. Refer back to the outlet quote of this newsletter – did it snatch your attention and inspire you to read extra? The thesis assertion is a short precis of the focus of the essay, which in this example is a selected enjoy that prompted you substantially. remember to present a quick evaluation of your revel in – don’t provide too much statistics away or you threat your reader turning into disinterested.


Subsequent up is planning the body of your essay. this will be the hardest part of the whole paper; it’s easy to waffle and repeat yourself both within the plan, and in the real writing. have you ever tried recounting a tale to a pal simplest for them to inform you to ‘reduce the lengthy tale brief’? They key right here is to position lots of effort and time into planning the frame, and you could draw on the subsequent tips that will help you do this nicely:

Attempt adopting a chronological technique. this indicates operating thru everything you want to touch upon because it came about in time. This kind of approach will ensure that your paintings is systematic and coherent. understand that a reflective essay doesn’t necessarily should be linear, however working chronologically will prevent you from supplying a haphazard recollection of your enjoy. Lay out the critical factors of your experience in a timeline – this will then assist you truely see the way to piece your narrative together.

Ensure the body of your reflective essay is nicely targeted, and consists of appropriate critique and mirrored image. The frame ought to not simplest summarise your enjoy, it need to discover the impact that the experience has had for your existence, in addition to the training which you have learned as a end result. The emphasis must usually be on reflection instead of summation. A reflective posture will now not handiest offer readers with perception to your enjoy, it’ll highlight your character and your capability to address or adapt to precise conditions.


Within the conclusion of your reflective essay, you should cognizance on bringing your piece together by offering a summary of both the factors made throughout, and what you have got learned as a end result. try to encompass some factors on why and how your attitudes and behaviours were changed. recall also how your man or woman and competencies have been affected, for instance: what conclusions may be drawn approximately your hassle-solving talents? What can be concluded approximately your method to specific conditions? What may you do in another way in similar conditions inside the destiny? What steps have you taken to consolidate the whole lot which you have discovered from your enjoy? understand that your educate might be searching out for proof of mirrored image at a completely high preferred.

Congratulations – you currently have the gear to create a radical and correct plan which need to positioned you in right stead for the remaining section indeed of any essay, the writing process.

Writing your essay

As with any written assignments, sitting down to put pen to paper (or much more likely palms to keyboard) can be daunting. but if you have positioned inside the time and effort fleshing out an intensive plan, you have to be well prepared, for you to make the writing manner as easy as feasible. the following points ought to additionally assist ease the writing method:

  • To get a feel for the tone and layout in which your writing must be, read other usually reflective pieces in magazines and newspapers, for example.
  • Don’t assume an excessive amount of approximately a way to start your first sentence or paragraph; just begin writing and you can usually come returned later to edit anything you’re no longer keen on. Your first draft won’t always be your pleasant paintings however it’s critical to take into account that the sooner you start writing, the greater time you'll ought to hold transforming your paper till it’s best. Don’t pull away from the use of a loose-flow method, writing and recording your mind and emotions for your stories as and whilst they arrive to mind. however ensure you stick to your plan. Your plan is your roadmap on the way to make sure your writing doesn’t meander too a long way off path.
  • For each point you make about an enjoy or occasion, assist it through describing the way you were immediately impacted, the usage of specific instead of indistinct phrases to deliver precisely how you felt.
  • Write using the primary-man or woman narrative, ensuring that the tone of your essay may be very personal and reflective of your character.
  • In case you want to, refer lower back to our notes earlier on growing an outline. As you figure thru your essay, present your mind systematically, remembering to consciousness to your key learning outcomes.
  • Bear in mind beginning your advent with a brief anecdote or quote to understand your readers’ interest, or other engaging techniques such as flashbacks.
  • Choose your vocabulary cautiously to correctly convey your feelings and feelings. keep in mind that reflective writing has a descriptive thing and so need to have a extensive range of adjectives to attract from. avoid vague adjectives which includes ‘k’ or ‘first-rate’ as they don’t simply offer a good deal perception into your feelings and character. Be more precise – this will make your writing more engaging.
  • Be honest with your emotions and opinions. take into account that this is a reflective task, and is the one location you could freely admit – with none repercussions – which you failed at a specific challenge. when assessing your essay, your educate will assume a deep level of reflection, no longer a easy evaluation of your stories and emotion. displaying deep reflection requires you to transport beyond the descriptive. Be extremely crucial approximately your experience and your reaction to it. for your evaluation and evaluation, make sure which you make price decisions, incorporating ideas from outside the revel in you needed to manual your evaluation. keep in mind that you could be sincere about your feelings with out writing in an immediate manner. Use phrases that work for you and are aligned with your personality.
  • Once you’ve finished studying about and reflecting for your experience, consider asking your self these questions: what did I specially value from the experience and why? looking lower back, how successful has the procedure been? think about your reviews at once after the enjoy and how they range now, so you can compare the distinction among your on the spot and current perceptions. Asking yourself such questions will assist you acquire reflective writing correctly and efficaciously.
  • Don’t shrink back from using a spread of punctuation. It helps continues your writing dynamic! Doesn’t it?
  • In case you really need to awaken your reader’s imagination, you can use imagery to create a vibrant image of your stories.
  • Make sure which you highlight your turning factor, or what we adore to call your “Aha!” moment. without this second, your ensuing emotions and mind aren’t as valid and your argument now not as sturdy.
  • Don’t forget about to preserve reiterating the training you have got discovered out of your experience.

A in addition tip – the usage of wider sources

Although a reflective piece of writing is focused on personal enjoy, it’s essential you draw on other assets to demonstrate your expertise of your revel in from a theoretical perspective. It’ll display a level of evaluation – and a wellknown of reliability in what you’re claiming – in case you’re additionally capable of validate your paintings against other perspectives that you discover. consider feasible assets, like newspapers, surveys, books or even magazine articles. typically, the additional resources making a decision to consist of in your paintings are exceptionally dependent on your area of look at. Analysing a extensive variety of assets, will display that you have study extensively on your concern place, that you have nuanced insight into the to be had literature as regards to your essay, and that you have taken into consideration the broader implications of the literature on your essay. The incorporation of other resources into your essay additionally enables to expose which you are privy to the multi-dimensional nature of each the getting to know and trouble-solving procedure.

Some very last notes to recollect

To recap, the key to writing a reflective essay is demonstrating what training you have got taken far from your experiences, and why and how you have got been formed via these training.

The reflective thinking method begins with you – you should consciously take the time to discover and study your very own thoughts in terms of a particular experience. Don’t hesitate to explore any prior expertise or enjoy of the topic, in an effort to help you identify why you have got fashioned certain evaluations on the issue. understand that central to reflective essay writing is the exam of your attitudes, assumptions and values, so be in advance about the way you feel. Reflective writing may be pretty therapeutic, helping you perceive and clarify your strengths and weaknesses, mainly in phrases of any know-how gaps that you can have. It’s a quite appropriate way of enhancing your critical wondering capabilities, too. It permits you to undertake an introspective posture in analysing your experiences and the way you examine/make sense of them.

In case you are nevertheless having problems with beginning the writing process, why no longer attempt thoughts-mapping to be able to help you to shape your wondering and thoughts, allowing you to provide a coherent piece. creating a thoughts map will make sure that your argument is written in a very systematic manner so one can be clean on your coach to comply with. here’s a recap of the contents of this text, which also serves as a way to create a thoughts map:

  1. Identify the subject you'll be writing on.
  2. Note down any ideas that are related to the topic and in case you need to, strive drawing a diagram to hyperlink together any topics, theories, and thoughts.
  3. Permit your thoughts to glide freely, understanding that you may usually have time to edit your paintings.
  4. Keep in mind how your thoughts are connected to every different, then begin the writing process.

And in the end, keep in mind that even though there are descriptive elements in a reflective essay, we can’t emphasise enough how essential it's miles that your work is vital, analytical, and adopts a reflective posture in phrases of your enjoy and the classes you have discovered from it.

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